Drawstring Bag - GP Pet Wear Packaging

GP Pet Wear Tulle Envelopes - in tulle frame with the brand label, normally used for low volume clothing.

GP Pet Wear Drawstring Bag - in raw cotton fabric with the brand logos, used for large and bulky clothes or bulky clothes.

GP Pet Wear Boxes - black with lids lined in printed fabric with the brand's logo. Ribbons and bows in red or black. Used for dresses, and delicate clothes, accessories and gifts. Extra small size, cap with the brand logo used for small accessories.

Sizes - Measures in cm. and in.


W= width

H= height

GP PET WEAR is the luxury brand of Atelier Gente Peludinha, focused on tailoring clothes for dogs.

MISSION - comfort, practicality and grace in smart clothes for dogs.