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Halloween Scarf Double-Sided for All Breeds of Dogs, One side Black Satin Charmousse with Orange Pumpkins Print, Other side in Red Satin Crepe, Collection: Orange Pumpkins on Black Background - GP Pet Wear Brand

Halloween scarf in black charmousse satin with orange pumpkin print and red satin crepe. Satin with intense shine and smooth and buttery texture, giving luxury to the look of the pet scarf.


Halloween scarves for dogs are in an isosceles triangle shape (2 sides equal and one larger). The triangular shape can be used as a dog bandana.


The Halloween scarves for dogs have a button in the middle of the base and at the tip of the triangle, when buttoned, it allows the use of the folded scarf. The scarf can be folded more often and wrapped around the neck

The outside of the Halloween scarf for dogs is in black satin charmousse with orange pumpkins print. The inner side, the scarf for dogs is in red satin crepe

The double-sided dog scarves used as a bandana are graceful because the dog's movements will show the outer and inner faces. This game of double faces is charming !!.

GP Pet Wear scarves can be wrapped around the neck. When they are wrapped around the neck, they form, by themselves, a beautiful tangle of sides, and this is a luxury.

GP PET WEAR, is a luxury brand for dogs of Atelier Gente Peludinha, focusing on tailoring clothes for dogs.

MISSION - comfort, practicality, and grace in intelligent clothing for dogs.