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Pajamas for Whippet, Madagascar Collection, White Suedine knit, 100% Cotton, with Gray, Green and Blue Prints, in Light Tones - GP Pet Wear Brand

The pajamas for dogs, GP Pet Wear, are loose clothes, easy to wear and with adjustable cuffs



The Madagascar Collection pajamas are in pure cotton Fabric cotton fine texture knitted offering a soft and pleasant touch, allowing heat exchange, and being cooler on hot days.

 It is anti-allergenic and comfortable.

Dog pajamas are great for protecting dogs from ventilation inside vehicles and preventing hair from building up in the car and in the ventilation systems. Dog pajamas are essential while travelling.

GP Pet Wear pajamas have a high collar to cover ears with elastic to adjust them to the head.

The front zipper opens the clothes, making it easier to put on and providing greater comfort to the dog when dressing.

The adjustment on the back allows you to adjust the length.

  The cuffs of the elasticized pajama pants must be fitted correctly to the hock (nº 19 in figure), so the dog's legs do not stick out of the pajama pants.

As the hind limbs of dogs have a lot of muscles, tendons and ligaments they have very elastic movements. Dogs move their hind limbs a lot while sleeping. While the dog is sleeping, the hock can let the pajama pants slide down, therefore let the pajamas crotch below the knee to prevent this. Hence, it is so common to see dogs walking with the 2 legs of their pajamas hanging to the side.

To prevent the pajama pants from escaping from the dog's legs at night, before he sleeps, adjust the cuffs above the hocks (nº 18 in figure)

  Because the pajamas are loose, the cuffs of the pajama sleeves have elastic bands that must be adjusted correctly above the pasterns of the arms (nº 26 in figure). In this way, the arms do not escape the sleeves.

It is important to remember that the legs are wider than the ankles, and the hocks are wider than the legs, so put on the pajamas first and then adjust the elastics just above the hocks. Close the loops over blind knots.

The elastics used in pajamas are of high quality and super soft, they are elastics that are used in the making of high-quality delicate lingerie. To correctly adjust the elastics, leave a finger-space before tying.

The care with the flexibility of greyhounds is present in the GP Pet Wear brand.

The zipper on the front makes it easy to put the arms in the sleeves. Put the pajamas on the dog with the zipper open. Pull the zipper away from the dog's body to close it, preventing it from pinching the skin.

GP PET WEAR, is a luxury brand for dogs of Atelier Gente Peludinha, focusing on tailoring clothes for dogs.

MISSION - comfort, practicality, and grace in intelligent clothing for dogs