Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear 

   The Privacy and Security Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use.


1. IDENTIFICATION - Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear

The website and the brand GP Pet Wear registered at the INPI National Institute of Industrial Property, are owned by the Atelier de Roupas e Acessórios para Animais Gente Peludinha EIRELI ME (hereinafter called Atelier), which maintains and operates them. The Atelier has an administrative address in Brazil, city of Piedade, state of São Paulo at Rua Atílio Tardelli, 115, Centro, CEP 18.170-000, State Registration 526.065.061.113, CNPJ/MF nº 27.213.326 / 0001-53.

2. SAC - CUSTOMER SERVICE -  Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear

In order to serve, with agility¸ customers and those interested in products for dogs of the GP Pet Wear brand, the Atelier offers channels of information, clarifications and assistance about the Privacy and Security Policy

Customers and interested parties may contact the Customer Service by WhatsApp (+55 11) 9.6414.2001 or by email  from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Please do not forget to inform personal and purchase data, so that the GP Pet can finish the service. We will always confirm receipt of inquiries through the same communication channel used by the Customer or Interested Party and send a answer within a maximum period of 03 working days.

Policies, (i) Exchanges and replacement; (ii) Security and Privacy; (iii) Delivery; (iv) Payments and the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website can be consulted online at the website or downloaded in PDF format for offline consultation.

The Customer declares to have read and to be aware of all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as of the policies that compose it.

3. GENERAL INFORMATION - Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear

The GP Pet Wear brand and Atelier take all necessary measures to protect the User's privacy, in compliance with the laws. This document details the forms of collection, storage, use, sharing and disclosure of personal data, as well as clearly indicating the measures taken to ensure the protection of the collected data.

4. DATA COLLECTION, USE AND STORAGE - Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear

Data collection: to make purchases, receive promotional gifts, participate in gift drawing, the User must fill out a registration form, which can vary in complexity according to the operations he intends to do. For Brazilians, the simple registration must contain the identification document, cell phone number, valid e-mail and the complete address (country, state, city, neighbourhood, street, number, complement, zip code), thus enabling the quick communication and product shipping. To send advertising, promotional messages, product news and information about the GP Pet Wear brand, the User must fill in only his name and e-mail on the website's home page.

The data may be shared with third parties hired by Atelier under the terms of this Policy, noting that the registration for any account on the Site, in which it is necessary to send the User's personal data, presupposes his express consent regarding the collection, use, storage. The User is responsible, in the civil and criminal spheres, for the veracity and updating of the data provided (including personal data) and Atelier disclaims any liability for damages resulting from the incomplete or inaccurate filling of the registration by the User, in any way or form. , in particular for delivery of products via postal or carrier, or even for the improper use of the registration by any third party not authorized to use such data or, still, by third parties who have, duly or improperly, obtained the User's data for access to the Site.

Cookies - in order to offer the best browsing and shopping experience to the User, the GP Pet Wear Brand uses technologies to collect and store information related to the User's visit on the Site and this may include the sending of one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers which collect data related to browsing preferences and pages visited by the User. In this way, the presentation of the Site is personalized and aligned with the User's personal interests.

The use of this data is restricted to the stated objective and Atelier undertakes not to use or allow the use of such data for any other purpose.

The collection, storage and processing of these data is automated, with no possibility of human contact with the data in question.

The User may at any time, in case he disagrees with the cookie policy above, use the tools of his browser that prevent the installation of cookies and also delete any existing cookies on his internet connection device.

In this case, some features of the Site may have errors. The Atelier may also use other technologies for the collection of navigation data from Users, committing to save, treat and use them in accordance with this Policy.

Access records - the GP Pet Wear brand will maintain a database with all information related to the User's access to the Site, including, but not limited to, the IP address, the pages accessed, the access times and dates, and the access device. access used, in accordance with current legislation. The records may be used in internal or public investigations to investigate practices that may generate any damage to the Brand and/or Atelier, including the practice of crimes in virtual environments.

Other forms of collection - the GP Pet Wear / Atelier brand may collect personal data from the User, in addition to those identified here, either through the data made available voluntarily by the User while browsing the Site, or through the data informed when the User contacts Customer attendance service. Finally, Atelier will be able to access public or private databases to confirm the veracity of the personal data informed by the User, including data related to the payment of the purchase.

Use of e-mail and Whatsapp data - Atelier may use the User's e-mail or WhatsApp primarily to send purchase information, purchase confirmation, address, "PIX Key" for receipt or refund and other information resulting from the purchase. Any refunds will only be made using the same payment method used by the User and for the same person who made the payment, according to data that must be included on the website.

Use of data for advertising via Whatsapp, mail, e-mail, MMS, or SMS - When registering contact data, the User will have the option to accept or prohibit the sending of advertising messages. In addition, at any time, the User may change his decision, by accessing his Account on the Site or by contacting the SAC - Customer Service or, even, in the unsubscribed field in the newsletters sent by the GP Pet brand. Wear, it should be noted that changing the registration in the database may take up to 5 (five) days to take effect.

Use of data: Other forms - in addition to the forms listed above, the GP Pet Wear brand may use the User's personal data in the following ways: (i) update of registration; (ii) ensuring the safety of the User; (iii) responding to requests from the User; (iv) information about changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use or the Policies; (v) preparation of statistics regarding the use of the Site, guaranteeing the anonymity of the User, including for the purpose of improving and understanding the Users' profile for the improvement of the Site; (vi) improvement of interactivity tools between the Site and the User, guaranteeing their anonymity; (vii) compliance with court orders; and (viii) defense of the Atelier's rights against the User in judicial or administrative proceedings.

Data storage - Atelier will store all data collected in protected and secure databases. The data will be accessed only by computerized and automated processes, authorized professionals and in the cases listed in this Policy. In case the User requests the deletion of his data from the database, Atelier reserves the right to keep the data in question in backup copies for up to 6 (six) months, in order to comply with legal obligations of mandatory custody.

5. DATA SHARING AND DISSEMINATION -  - Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear

The Atelier maintains the confidentiality of the User's personal data as a business priority. Thus, it assumes the commitment of not disclosing, sharing, giving access, facilitating access, renting, selling, exchanging or in any other way making such information available to third parties, under no pretext, except in the cases expressly authorized by the User, including in the cases indicated below.

For the sole purpose of allowing purchases to be made on the Site, Atelier will be able to share Users' personal data with its business partners, such as payment processing companies, credit card administrators and carriers.

In this case, only the personal data essential for the business partner to carry out its activity (collection, delivery, etc.) will be shared.

It should be noted that such commercial partners will be obliged, by means of a confidentiality term, not to archive, keep on file, compile, copy, reproduce or share such data with anyone.

The other possibility of disclosing personal data is through a court order. Also, in this case, the disclosure will occur only to the extent necessary to comply with the judicial determination, and the data not required by the authority in question will remain confidential.

6. DATA TRANSMITTED WITHOUT REQUEST - Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear

The Atelier asks the User not to send unsolicited content such as, but not limited to, commercial information, personal creations, ideas, photographs, projects, concepts.

Such UNSOLICITED CONTENT will be summarily deleted, without any reading or incorporation into the databases.

Under the terms of the Copyright Law, ideas, abstract conceptions, projects, plans and schemes are not susceptible to protection in Brazil.

In this way, the eventual use by the Atelier of any UNSOLICITED CONTENT will be due to internal and independent development and may occur freely, with no authorization or compensation being due or required to the user or consumer, unless the person who sent the UNSOLICITED CONTENT, makes it clear prior registration in the INPI.

The Atelier independently develops all of its policies and activities, rejecting any accusations or allegations of using unsolicited content.

7. SAFETY MEASURE -  - Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear

Technological resources - Atelier's website is hosted on the Nuvemshop platform, which adopts advanced technological resources to guarantee the security of all personal data collected and stored.

Not even platform and Atelier employees have free access to the Users' database, which is limited only to those people whose functions require contact with personal data.

Among the security measures implemented are the use of modern forms of encryption and the installation of barriers against improper access to the database (firewalls). Such measures can be verified by the User accessing the Site by viewing the “security lock” in his internet browser.

Password confidentiality - if the User uses a password, Atelier recommends that the password be kept in total secrecy, avoiding disclosure to third parties. GP Pet Wear and Atelier will never ask the User to enter the password outside the Site, by phone, e-mail, or any other means of communication. The User password must be used exclusively when accessing the User Account on the Site. If the User suspects that his password has been exposed to third parties, Atelier recommends that he change his password immediately.

Suspicious e-mails - Atelier sends the User only e-mails with advertising messages, promoting products or updating information, and it never sends messages (i) requesting the User's personal data; (ii) requesting the User's password or financial data; (iii) with attached files except PDF documents; or (iv) with links to download files. If you receive an email with such features, delete it and contact SAC Customer Service: WhatsApp (+55 11) 9.6414.2001 or email

Credit cards - Atelier and GP Pet Wear do not store financial information from the User in their database, such as credit card information. The payment approval procedure takes place between the User, the banks, and the card administrators, without intervention by the Atelier.

Exemption from Liability - Despite the greatest efforts of GP Pet Wear and Atelier, the current stage of technology does not allow the creation of a database absolutely safe against attacks. In this way, GP Pet Wear and Atelier disclaim any liability for damages eventually caused by third parties, including invasions on the Site or in the database, by viruses or by leakage of information, unless proven to be the sole fault of GP Pet Wear and Atelier brand.

8. USERS RIGHTS ON DATA COLLECTED - Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear

The Atelier and GP Pet Wear allow the User to make different types of registration, containing more or less information according to their own purpose on the Site.

Thus, the User has the possibility to choose the form of registration and must fill it with truthful and updated information.

The User declares that he is the legitimate holder of his personal data and may, at any time, use the tools of the Site to edit, update or preventively remove them from the database.

The Atelier will keep the data intentionally removed by the User in secrecy for a period of six months, in order to meet the legal obligations of mandatory custody, deleting them definitively after such period. The Atelier also provides tools for the User to determine some uses of their personal data, such as authorization to send advertising.


The data collected may eventually be transferred to a third party in the event of a change in shareholding control, an acquisition, a merger, a merger, or a sale of assets of Atelier and the GP Pet Wear brand in any way or form.

10. ABOUT DATA ON MINORS OF AGE - Privacy and Security Policy GP Pet Wear

The Site is not intended for persons under 18 (eighteen) years of age. However, access to the Site is not prohibited to minors since there is no content restricted for age reasons.

The forms and questionnaires on the GP Pet Wear website are not intended to obtain data from minors.

If such data is entered by minors, your legal representative may contact the Customer Service by WhatsApp (+55 11) 9.6414.2001 or e-mail to rectify, modify or remove such data.