Delivery Policy for the Purchase GP Pet Wear

  The Delivery Policy for the purchase is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use Website.



1. IDENTIFICATION - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

The website and the brand GP Pet Wear registered at the INPI National Institute of Industrial Property, are owned by the Atelier de Roupas e Acessórios para Animais Gente Peludinha EIRELI ME (hereinafter called Atelier), which maintains and operates them. The Atelier has an administrative address in Brazil, city of Piedade, state of São Paulo at Rua Atílio Tardelli, 115, Centro, CEP 18.170-000, State Registration 526.065.061.113, CNPJ/MF nº 27.213.326 / 0001-53.

2. CS - CUSTOMER SERVICE - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

To serve, with agility¸ customers and those interested in products for dogs of the GP Pet Wear brand, the Atelier offers channels of information, clarifications and assistance about the Privacy and Security Policy

Customers and interested parties may contact the Customer Service by WhatsApp (+55 11) 9.6414.2001 or by email from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Please do not forget to inform personal and purchase data, so that the GP Pet can finish the service. We will always confirm receipt of inquiries through the same communication channel used by the Customer or Interested Party and send a answer within a maximum period of 03 working days.

Policies, (i) Exchanges and replacement; (ii) Security and Privacy; (iii) Delivery; (iv) Payments and the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website can be consulted online at the website or downloaded in PDF format for offline consultation.

The Customer declares to have read and to be aware of all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as of the policies that compose it.

3. DELIVERY LOCATIONS - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

GP Pet Wear | Atelier delivers products in Brazil, as well as in other countries. The delivery service in Brazil is made by the Brazilian Post, Telegraph Company, and carriers available on intermediary freight sales platforms. In foreign territories it will be through carriers or post offices, opting for the lowest freight cost.

4. DELIVERY TIMES - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

GP Pet Wear informs on the website during the purchase process the estimated delivery time of the post office or carrier from the post.

For products in stock, they will be posted within a maximum period of 3 days from the confirmation of payment.

The date of posting will be informed to the Client through the website, or by e-mail, or Whatsapp.

For custom products, the postage period may take an average of 15 days, taking into account raw material to be purchased, cut, sewing and quantity, etc., in the case of an order, the Atelier will keep the Client always informed of the steps of the making and the date of posting.

5. DELIVERY TIMES - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

The delivery times are established by the Brazilian Post and Telegraph Companies and/or carriers.

6. VALUE OF FREIGHT - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

The freight charge will be automatically calculated by the website at the time of purchase, considering (i) the weight; (ii) the volume; (iii) the quantity of the products; (iv) distance between GP Pet Wear's posting location and the reported delivery location. GP Pet Wear makes different kinds of freight available on the website, either permanently or temporarily. In this case, each type of freight or carrier or intermediate freight sales platform may offer different prices and delivery terms, and it is up to Customers to choose the delivery method that meets their expectations, except in the case of free delivery.

Overpaid freight charges will be reported to the Customer and credited to their bank account. The customer will be responsible for informing the PIX code for credit. The refund of the overpayment will occur within 02 days after receipt of the PIX code. And it will be effective only if the account holder's name and CPF are identical to the Client's name on the website.

For the city of Piedade, the freight will be free and for the city of Sorocaba orders can be picked up at Avenida Antonio Carlos Comitre 510, Loja 11, Campolim from 10 am to 5 pm.

           About intermediate freight sales platforms: How it works?

  • These platforms are partners of the Nuvemshop platform that makes the partnership available to guests of websites on their platform. Said freight sales platforms are known in the market and reliable. These platforms have contracts with post offices and carriers, and, due to the volume of freight, they obtain lower tariffs that are passed on to Customers.

7. DELIVERY CONDITIONS - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

The delivery service will be carried out by the post office via Sedex or Pac or carriers and will be delivered at the entrance of the buildings or condominiums informed by the Client. In the case of home delivery, delivery will be made to the person attending. As a security measure, GP Pet Wear may send a password at the time of delivery avoiding, as soon as the order is delivered to third parties, in which case the password must be known to the ordinance or person responsible for receiving the product.

8. REFUSAL OF RECEIPT - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

The concierge or whoever receives the order must check the following aspects at the time of delivery, (i) whether the package is open, broken, or damaged; (ii) if the product may be damaged by transport due to the packaging being open or damaged, in which case the recipient must refuse receipt stating the reason for the refusal. The Customer must verify when opening the package (i) if the product corresponds to the one purchased on the website; (ii) if the content is complete, in case of any discrepancy, the Customer must immediately send a message to Customer Service by Whatsapp (+55 11) 9.6414.2001 and/or by e-mail for immediate solution of the identified problem. If there is an improper receipt (open, violated, or damaged packaging, the product of which may be damaged) the exchange will be made only in the cases provided for in the Exchange and Return Policy.

9. DELIVERY - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

The purchased products will be posted after payment confirmation within a maximum period of 3 working days from the confirmation and will be delivered to the address provided. If delivery is not possible due to the house being closed, the absence of capable people, restrictions on the condominium hours or physical limitations that prevent delivery, error in indicating the correct place of delivery at the time of purchase, the post office will make two more subsequent attempts. If the three delivery attempts fail, the order will be available for pick-up at the agency closest to the address of the recipient for 7 calendar days, after which it will be returned to the Atelier, the order will be canceled and the refund will be made through a chargeback. The launch will be requested by the Atelier to the administrator of the card used, at the most, 72 hours after the acceptance and validation of the conditions of the returned product, the term of effecting the chargeback is the sole responsibility of the administrator of the card and will be carried out per the rules and conditions. In the event of no refund, the amounts will be credited to the current account of the Client, who must inform the PIX code. The credit will only be effective if the name and Identity Document of the account holder are identical to the Client's name on the website.

10. GENERAL PROVISIONS - Delivery Policy for the purchase of GP Pet Wear

Changes to the order: changes to the order such as forms of payment, quantities, location, date, or shift of delivery will not be accepted after the purchase process on the website has been completed.

To resolve please contact CS- Customer Service by WhatsApp (+55 11) 9.6414.2001 and / or by email .

Delays: some unforeseen situations can cause delays in the delivery of the purchased product, such as but not limited to: (i) indication of wrong, incomplete or nonexistent address; (ii) occurrence of natural factors such as, but not limited to, rain, floods; (iii) the occurrence of human factors such as but not limited to, strikes, demonstrations, accidents, typical of unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure, pandemics. In these cases, GP Pet Wear will do its best to keep the Client informed about the cause of the delay and will affect the delivery in the shortest possible time.

Retention: If the product is retained by the tax authorities, as a result of the Client's pending issues, GP Pet Wear will inform the situation immediately, being, however, exempt from the duty to deliver, since the order will be released only by the authority competent through the Customer's attendance.

Notices: GP Pet Wear, may send notices via e-mail, Whatsapp, SMS messages, informing (i) any changes in the product delivery process; (ii) the exit of the product from the Atelier; (iii) possible delays, among others.