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Bath Robe White for Whippet, Made From Toweling Fabric Havy or Toweling Fabric Velvety 100% Cotton, GP Pet Wear Brand.

White Atobá from Abrolhos Collection.

Soft and comfortable Whippet Bathrobe


Dogs of the Greyhounds family have practically no body fat and some of them are thin-haired and short as the Whippets and Italian Greyhounds, these are “super cold-sensitive” dogs.

Whippets don't that “dog smell”, the fur is dry and opaque, the skin is thin, dry and sensitive, due to the lack of body fat. They don't have a slimy discharge from their eyes and they don't drool, so they can go all winter without bathing. Furthermore, baths can make their skin dry.

The correct thing to do is to sleep with them in bed so that they don't get cold, so some hygiene tips are important. If their paws are smelly, wash them with warm water and shampoo, rinse them thoroughly, and dry them with towels and warm air from a hairdryer. When necessary, use a moistened tissue to clean the mouth, fur, paws and private parts. Use a super soft brush to brush them twice a week during winter. At bedtime, dress them in clean pajamas to prevent some hairs from getting into the bed.

If during the winter a dog needs to be bathed, test the temperature of the water on the wrist to see if it is pleasant. Never use very hot water to bathe dogs, it can dry out the skin and even cause burns. Warm up the place where the dog will be when leaving the bath. Dry the hair well and keep it in a bathrobe in a warm place until you feel it is comfortable and the hair is very dry. Do not put clothes on the dog when their fur is damp.

Cold-sensitive dogs that have gone through the winter without a bath can bathe on sunny, windless spring days.

Use tepid water to bathe them. Even on hot days, cold-sensitive dogs shiver after bathing.

After the bath, dry the fur thoroughly, moisturize the hairless skin such as the chest and belly, and protect the dog with a bathrobe until the body temperature matches the external temperature or when the dog stops shivering. Remove the bathrobe and keep the dog in the sun until their fur is completely dry.


In summer, if a cold-sensitive dog needs a cold bath because there is no warm water, for example to remove sand from the beach, wash it quickly and immediately wrap it in clean dry towels, put on the bathrobe and keep it on in a sunny, windless place until the shivering ceases and the dog feels warm, remove the robe and leave the dog uncovered. Cold-sensitive dogs love to be uncovered on warm or hot days.

Whether a dog is cold-sensitive or not, after being in the sun or with a hot body for any other reason, let it cool down before dousing it with cold water.

Never use cold water to refresh or bathe dogs, whether they are cold-sensitive or not, this can cause hypothermia.


To bathe dogs, start by soaking the paws with warm or tepid water, then wet the legs, hips, and body. Do not get the dog's head wet. Dogs do not like it when they have a wet head and face.

If the dog is cold-sensitive and bathing takes place during the winter, keep the paws and legs in a tub of warm water while bathing.

Use mild shampoo. Massage the dog's skin and hair with foam.


After washing the dog, rinse it thoroughly, eliminating all residues of the products used in the bath. Use water at the same temperature as the bath when rinsing. Put lukewarm water in a bowl and gently wet the dog's head, protecting the ears so that no water enters the ears. Put a little shampoo in the palm of your hand and distribute it over the dog's head and face, massaging well, avoiding the eyes and nose. Rinse the head and face well with warm, clean water, use the bowl to rinse. Be careful not to get water in the dog’s ears, eyes and nose. Remember, dogs hate getting their face wet.

Whether the bath is warm or cold, in winter or not, when finished, wrap the dog in a clean and dry towel to absorb excess water from the fur, if necessary use more towels, finally use a second or third dry and clean towel to dry them.

When dry, put on the bathrobe so that the dog feels protected and comfortable and they can relax.

Then start the after-bath care. Hydrate, if applicable, the chest and belly with gentle massages. Massage the foot pads with “Baume” moisturizer.

Be careful when massaging the foot pads so as not to tickle them. When the dog is tickled, it moves or pulls its paw abruptly.

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