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Overalls and Turtle Neck, Orion, for Greyhounds (two-in-one) GP Pet Wear

The GP Pet Wear created Overalls for greyhounds, that when removing the pants, it turns into a Turtle Neck.

Without the legs the overall is a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt.

The Overalls, in thick sweatshirt material, is ideal to make greyhounds warm in the winter.

The turtleneck shirt, in thick sweatshirt material, is perfect for days which are not so cold.

As Greyhounds have long, thin arms and legs, care for their flexibility is very important, with this in mind, GP Pet Wear created an overall with detachable and attachable pants

When dressing the Greyhound, put on the turtleneck shirt first, then button the pants.

The pants with an orange bias must be buttoned on the side of the clothing that covers the thigh and has an orange bias. The pants with black bias must be buttoned on the side of the clothing that covers the thigh and has a black bias.

The turtleneck shirt has a zipper on the chest to facilitate the placement of the arms on the sleeves.

For large Greyhound, the turtleneck shirt has buttons on the back.

The Overalls for Greyhounds is made of fabric with cotton fibres that provides a soft and delicate touch, and does not damage the pelage of the dogs.

GP PET WEAR is the luxury brand of Atelier Gente Peludinha, focused on tailoring clothes for dogs.

MISSION - comfort, practicality and grace in smart clothes for dogs.

FABRIC COMPOSITION - thick sweatshirt 67% Polyester, 33% cotton

CLEANING CARE - hand wash with gentle soap and water, rinse thoroughly, dry on a clothesline in the shade.

COLORS, Golden yellow and Cranberry